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Date: 2014-07-26 08:59:55
Wed, 13 August, Joffre Balce - Fusing Philosophies

Sydney’s Philosophy in the Café - Philo Agora

Second Wednesday of the month. 7 for 7:30 at Abla Pastry, 425 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill.

Wednesday, 13 August. Inter-continental Philosophy: Joffre Balce on Why Fusing Philosophies Can Be a Dangerous Idea, but for Whom?
The 20th century was an interesting period of dialectic on a global scale to be seen through a survey of eight thinkers – Tolstoy, Gandhi, Sun Yat-sen and Maozedong in the first half and Che Guevara, Paolo Freire, Frantz Fanon and Martin Luther King in the second half. The discussion will be on questions of what schools of thought influenced them and how they, in turn, influenced their nations paradigms. The speaker will likewise share his own experience as an Asian immigrant to multicultural Australia in the different venues of philosophical, political, legal and economic discussions.
Joffre Balce has a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, a Master of Science in Industrial Economics from the Philippines and was trained in banking, finance, regulation, co-operative management and governance in the US and Germany. After two years, he stopped his PhD studies in Law at the UNSW which he will continue at a future date. He has held various positions in staff, management, boards and consultancies in government, corporate and civil society, the latest as the Assistant Secretary of the Association for Good Government.

Philo Agora's format is a talk for 20 minutes starting at 7:30. The presenter then answers any questions of clarification from the floor. We then take a break of 5 to 10 minutes for more coffee and to mull over the talk and discuss it within small groups. The microphone is then passed around the audience for comment, opinion, and often counter argument to a maximum of 2 minutes. The presenter is then given a 5 minute right of reply. We usually finish up at 9pm.

Come early from 6:30pm and join the regulars in a pastry and coffee before the presentation. The cost of the night is $8 which includes your first cup of coffee or tea.


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