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Date: 2015-10-30 03:09:38
Mon 9 Nov, French Cafe Night.

Philo Agora 2015

7 for 7:30 at 10 Shepherd St, Chippendale NSW 2008. (0457 749 310) Twice a month!

Philo Agora will now be meeting at the Humanist House, 10 Shepherd St, Chippendale NSW 2008. We will meet on the second and fourth Monday of every month. The second Monday will be our normal presentation from a guest speaker whilst the fourth Monday will be a less structured open forum for those just looking to hang out. Don't let the Humanist word worry you, we are still ratbag philosophers. Cover charge is $5 on the night.

The Broadway Hotel, a few doors down on Broadway, has re-opened as the Stone Crow. It is available for meals before the meeting and drinks afterwards.

Monday, 9th November, we will be using the French Philo Cafe format. As you are probably aware France is the home of Philosophy cafes.  Philo Agora is registered with Cafes Philo worldwide (http://cafephilos.org )  and so we are having a night in the French café style. 

The committee will put forward ideas for discussion as follows:

1. Change is inevitable and some change presents unique ethical problems, how do we prepare ourselves to address these ethical challenges eg; Genetics, trans humanism, other forms of life such as alien life.

2. Are we morally obliged to be Vegan?

3. Is Democracy the best political system?

4. Are we living with crisis narratives?

5. Has science and philosophy worked out what it is to be human?

6. Does the 15 -20 year generation need to be taken down a peg?

7. Any contributions from the floor where the contributor is prepared to start the topic with a 5 minute introduction.

We throw them in the ring and we will all decide what issue to discuss.

We will return to the usual talk and discussion format for future sessions.

For more information on French philosophy cafes check out the following websites.

Café des Phares http://www.cafe-philo-des-phares.info   and Café de Flore http://www.cafedeflore.fr   Café de Flore was Jean Paul Sartres’s café and they hold an English speaking meeting once a month.  Keep this in mind if you are visiting France as visitors are always welcome. We usually finish up at 9pm.

We look forward to seeing you on the night.


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