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April 27   Peter Bowden:  The Righteous Mind,

A REVIEW: Jonathan Haidt, 2013 . The Righteous Mind, Why Good People are divided by Politics and Religion, Vintage Books New York

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7th November, 2013: Minds, Bats and Nagel's Dualism

Robert McLaughlin introduced us Thomas Nagel and his thesis “What Is It Like to Be a Bat?” .But is he right?



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1st August, 2013: Wikileaks - Right or Wrong? 


Many of us took the opportunity to grab a couple of free tickets to see the movie "We Steal Secrets".  Whether you saw the movie or not,  we all have different perspectives on the subject, and also the persona of Julian Assange.   Sam and Peter lead the discussion on Wikileaks and as to how well we should be informed in a democracy.   Should governments keep secrets, or should they be prepared to open up to their citizens?  Has the current political climate changed the response of governments to whistleblowers?  Challenging questions.


Peter and Sam are the convenors of Philo Agora.



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