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3 November  Lou Salome and Nietzsche  - Matthew Del Nevo

Behind every great man is a woman. This first of a series of three talks is on the influence of Russian born Louise Andreas-Salome (1861-1937). Nietzsche proposed marriage, the great lyric poet Rilke had a life-long love affair, and Freud sought her guidance.  Lou Salome wrote 15 novels plus philosophical and psycho-analytical works. With her indifference to moral conventions and insatiable intellectual curiosity, Lou Salome challenged the gender roles of her day.

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6 October  Markets?  What Markets?  When Philosophy meets Agora - Joffre Balce

Joffre applies the principles of philosophy to eoncomics looking at what is needed for a just society.

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8 September  Does it Matter What We Are? - Mary Walker

Derek Parfit argues against considering ourselves to be entities that exist separately from the brain, body, and series of mental and physical events. He takes this to imply that we should be less concerned about our future selves than we usually are, and should alter many of our practices and values. But does this necessarily follow?

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