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Date Item Title Author
16-Apr-2015 The Righteous Mind, A Review. Peter Bowden
07-Nov-2013 Minds, Bats and Dualism: Robert McLaughlin Robert McLaughlin
01-Aug-2013 Wikileaks - Right or Wrong? Peter Bowden
06-Jun-2013 American Pragmatism Barry Rafe
02-May-2013 Ethics for a Dinner Party Peter Bowden
07-Mar-2013 Philosophy and Sex Peter Banki
04-Dec-2012 What is Knowledge? Tibor Molnar
06-Nov-2012 Euthanasia Jim Franklin
04-Sep-2012 Free Will Tony Muscio
03-Jul-2012 Are we ever allowed to kill? John Scanlon
01-May-2012 The Failure of Moral Philosophy Peter Bowden
03-Apr-2012 The Problem of Evil Michael Robertson
06-Mar-2012 Two Additional Testaments Sam Alexander
01-Nov-2011 Plato and Aristotle Anthony Hooper
04-Oct-2011 Pascal's Wager Jim Franklin
02-Aug-2011 Existentialism Peter Bowden
05-Jul-2011 Richard Rorty and his philosophy of social hope Barry Rafe
07-Jun-2011 A Melancholic Nostalgia for the Future Sam Alexander
05-Apr-2011 Unlearning - The First Step to being a Global Thinker Mary Hendriks
01-Mar-2011 Evolution and Moral Diversity Tim Dean
07-Dec-2010 The Meaning of Existence Tibor Molnar
02-Nov-2010 Sartre on Romantic Loving Relationships Skye Cleary
05-Oct-2010 The Enigma of Freud Matthew Del Nevo
06-Jul-2010 Was Julia Ethical? Peter Bowden
11-May-2010 Jesus as Philosopher Jonathan McKeown
27-Apr-2010 Religion - Is it Forever? Peter Bowden
30-Mar-2010 Lou Salome and Rilke Matthew Del Nevo
16-Mar-2010 The Philosophy of Ageing Derek Maitland
03-Nov-2009 Lou Salome and Nietzsche Matthew Del Nevo
06-Oct-2009 Markets? What Markets? When Philosophy meets Agora. Joffre Balce
08-Sep-2009 Does it Matter What We Are? Mary Walker
25-Aug-2009 Heaven is an Ineffectual Reward Chris Pennington
16-Jun-2009 Philosophy of Science James Franklin
02-Jun-2009 Evolutionary Psychology Peter Bowden
19-May-2009 Is Anything Really Real? Derek Matiland
05-May-2009 The Two Cultures - CP Snow Sam Alexander
21-Apr-2009 The Nature of Perception : George Santayana Lindsay Mell
07-Apr-2009 The Social Value of the New Global Era Mary Hendriks
09-Dec-2008 End of Year Introspection Various Contributors
30-Sep-2008 Plato's Symposium on Love Cara Ghassemian
16-Sep-2008 Kierkegaard - The Subjective Experience of Self Maria Contempree
16-Sep-2008 The Analytical - Continental Philosophy Divide Robert Sinnerrink
02-Sep-2008 The Philosophy of Education Caroline Brem
19-Aug-2008 Naked Children, Moral Philosophy & Photographs Peter Bowden
05-Aug-2008 Philosophy and the Future Derek Maitland
22-Jul-2008 The Philosophy of Mathematics (and Infinity) James Franklin
10-Jun-2008 Experience, Explanation, End, Everything Alex Livingston
29-Apr-2008 The Philosophy behind Buddhism Mary Hendriks
15-Apr-2008 Environmental Philosophy Hazel Popp
27-Mar-2008 Powers of Horror - Julia Kristeva Lisa Thatcher
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