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The Fair Trade Coffee Company

33 Glebe Point Rd


Philo Agora's home is the Fair Trade Coffee Company in Glebe.  This is a coffee house with its own particular ambience offering specialty fairtrade coffee and a relaxing spot to sit around and talk with new friends both before and after the Philo Agora talks.  It is located close to the Parramatta Road and can be easily reached by public transport.  Take advantage of the free three hour parking in the Broadway shopping complex.

The Fair Trade Coffee Company offers coffee and tea free from exploitation. When you visit the Fair Trade Coffee Company, you can be sure that every bean of coffee is certified fair trade, meaning among other things, that every worker involved in producing your cup is paid a fair wage for their work, and that the coffee is produced from small local growers and the the large international companies.

In addition, all proceeds from the Fair Trade Coffee Company go towards funding volunteer placements in countries such as East Timor, Papua New Guinea and Kenya to assist in skill exchange programs which offer hope for a long-term, sustainable future.