Blackheath Philosophy ForumJoin the Blackheath group which hosts philosophy forums during the winter months.

Dorothy Rowe :  Dorothy Rowe's home page.

Philosophy cafes in France : For Francophiles visiting France - the home of the philosophy cafe.

Philosophy for allAn English association which encourages debate between professional and non-professional philosophers

Philosophy Now :  A philosophy magazine for both specialists and members of the general public 

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy : All your philosophy definitions in the one detailed web site.

Contretemps   A Sydney based  journal portraying a philosophical engagement with social and political events

Diwato    An online journal of the Department of Philosophy and Human Resource Development of San Beda College, dedicated to the critical study of Philippine society, culture, and history

Foucault Studies  On Michel Foucault

Gnosis   A j
ournal of philosophy published by students under the auspices of the Department of Philosophy of Concordia University, Quebec

.   An interdisciplinary journal dedicated to the invigoration of the humanities, published by the National Humanities Institute, Maryland.

International Journal of Baudrillard Studies  
A non-profit, trans-disciplinary publication dedicated to engaging the thought and writing of Jean Baudrillard. Based in Quebec

Kriterion: Zeitschrift fr Philosophie  
An Austrian based journal of philosophy
A journal of philosophy based in Limerick, Ireland

  This a philosophy site in Melbourne

The Paideia Project    provides access to over 1000 papers presented at the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy
Australasian Philosophy of Religion

The Philosophers Index  A subject and author index to philosophical articles,books and  anthologies

Sophia  Since its inception in 1962 Sophia has been devoted to providing a forum for discussions in philosophy of religion and philosophical theology that engage scholarly and contemporary interests.

Philosophy Documentation Centre a website, initiated by UNESCO, dedicated to the digitalisatiion of articles on philosophy .
Philosophy in Public Spaces A Melbourne based website on philosophy cafes and the like
Philosophy Cafe at the Harvard Book Store
Philosophy Cafes in Launceston and Hobart  Cafes supported by the Department of Philosophy of the University of Tasmania
Philosophers Café In Vancouver, supported by Simon Fraser University
Cafe Philo A French based website on philosophy cafes,
Café Philosophy  A philosophy café in British Columbia Great photos.

Directory of Open Access Journals for Philosophy Open Access journals  An unbelievably large compendium of open access  philosophical publications
The Australian Journal of Logic
Animus  Aims at “an understanding of the works of Western civilization and contemporary views of these works. It seeks to promote a standpoint which is critical of dogmatic positions both within contemporary views and within the Western tradition itself”
Cosmos and History The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy . Melbourne
Essays in Philosophy

F.P.A. Demeterio's Philosophy and Cultural Theory Page A website reflecting the philosophical views of Prof Demetrio, De La salle University, Manila

Continental Philosophy A Bulletin Board for Continental Philosophy &  History of Philosophy , Worth contacting
The Nietzsche Channel

Nietzsche Circle

Marxist Internet Archive

The Notebook for Continental Philosophy  Has a page on every known continental philosopher (and several unkowns) and a huge listing of philosophical resources
The Australian Society for Continental Philosophy  A website to link those  - primarily academics - interested in Continental Philosophy. Holds a conference each year

Critical Theory Resources  Wikipedia tells us ‘ In the humanities and social sciences, critical theory is the examination and critique of society and literature, drawing from knowledge across social science and humanities disciplines.

The Walter Benjamin Research Syndicate  An on-line research resource for individuals interested in the writings and the ongoing critical theory of Walter Benjamin (1892-1940) a “German -Jewish Marxist literary critic, essayist, translator, and philosopher”. He died trying to escape to Spain and then the US.

 Brains a US based website cum  forum for discussing  the philosophy of the mind , neuroscience , psychology and cognitive science

 The Philosophers Magazine blog